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Coupons can save you money if you use them wisely. But just because you have a coupon for a particular item doesn’t mean you have to buy that item. My main grocery store doubles coupons up to $1, but they do not accept internet coupons. My secondary grocery store accepts coupons, but does not double them; they also do not accept internet coupons.

Over the last few months, I’ve started spending more time looking for internet coupons; I can use them at my local CVS and Walmart. Several times I have been able to get items for free or for a few cents when using coupons. There are several internet coupon websites listed on the left hand side of this website. is a great help, there is a coupon database that allows you to search for a coupon, and it will tell you when it was in a newspaper or a link to download the coupon.

P&G is giving a coupon booklet that you can sign up to receive. It is full of useful coupons, including a free coupon for Cascade Rinse.

We receive our local Sunday paper. We received the paper for several years and then decided not to renew our subscription. After several months, we chose to start getting the paper again and were given a great deal, $1 per week and now we get the Saturday morning paper for free. I know I use more than $52 worth of coupons a year, so we will continue to subscribe to the paper as long as we can keep this great price.

Some other ways to get coupons are by signing up for email and mailing lists for your favorite companies. Even though my son is no longer wearing diapers, I still receive Huggies and Pampers coupons in the mail. Usually they include coupons for soap or shampoo and I can still use those coupons.

Using coupons does take some organization. I have a small plastic divider, with 10 or so separate sections for different types of coupons. Some people use 3 ring binders – there are many ways to organize coupons. Find what works for you and use it to save yourself money.


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