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A year or more ago, I heard a friend mention I had never heard of it before, and she went on to explain that it’s a website where people give things away for free. The main idea is to help decrease the amount of trash by giving things away to people who can use them. (Broken items are also given away, but are noted accordingly, usually for people to use the parts.)

FreeCycle is broken down into regions, that way it’s actually possible to pick something up at someone’s house. My region’s FreeCycle is a Yahoo group. I receive a few emails each day full of people giving something away or looking for something. Sofas, TVs, dvds, books, desks, food, all kinds of things are being given away or requested. When someone has something (or several things) to give away, they will post their offer, location, and sometimes a description. Typically the first person to reply or the person who can pick the item(s) up the quickest will get them. It seems that most people will set up a time to the item(s) to be picked up, usually a porch or driveway pick up. Sometimes people do not show up, and the person will re-offer the item.

So if you have things you don’t use anymore, and you don’t want to go to the trouble of having a garage sale, sign up for FreeCycle and give it away. And you may just find some treasures for yourself too.


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