Driving – how much it really costs

July 15, 2008 at 4:12 pm Leave a comment

Since gas prices have continued to skyrocket, I try very hard to drive less, and when driving, to make as many stops as possible, as long as they are on the way. When possible, I try to buy local. But even too many local trips, too much gas can be used. I have decided to figure out the actual cost for some of my usual destinations, just to see how much I am spending, and to make sure these outings are worthwhile.

First off, I should mention that we do have an SUV. I know that some consider this a crime. We get 16-18 miles per gallon, which is definitely not very good. However, this is our only car – my husband has a work truck, so it’s not necessary for us to have 2 vehicles. We do want to purchase a new vehicle, a car with much better gas mileage, but do we do not yet have enough saved to buy the car in cash. Our goal is to never take a loan out for a car. (I know some people debate this, but this is something we have decided we do not want to do.) So for now, I try to drive a little as possible. Over the last several years, we have put on less miles each year, for which I am proud.

Gas prices are currently around $4/gallon. I am estimating that we get 17 mpg, which is $.24 per mile. Total cost is for one roundtrip from my home.

primary grocery store) – 6 mi = $1.44
(secondary grocery store) – 3.86 mi = $0.93
CVS – 8.9 mi = $2.14
farm (where we get our milk) – 9.86 mi = $2.37
discount grocery store – 10.46 mi = $2.51
discount grocery store – 14.44 mi = $3.47
where we get our eggs – 11.12 mi = $2.67
Wal-Mart – 17.94 mi = $4.31
Target – 28.82 mi = $6.92
Costco – 29.92 mi = $7.18
mall – 44.62 mi = $10.71


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