Freezing Corn

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Yesterday my mom came over and we froze corn together. She bought 12 dozen ears of corn and we froze 11 dozen, each keeping half a dozen for supper last night. So we each ended up with 5.5 dozen; I had 13 quart size bags to put in my freezer.

This is something we do every year. Personally, I do not care for canned corn or frozen corn from the store. I did not sit down to figure out if freezing corn is cheaper than buying corn just because if I didn’t freeze it, I would not buy it, and therefore would not eat corn. So if I want to eat corn, I have to freeze it. 🙂

If you have never frozen corn before, I will give you a brief how-to guide. Feel free to comment if you would like further instructions.

First, we husked the corn outside. This is pretty messy, so you will want to do this outdoors. (And just a warning, pretty much all aspects of freezing corn is messy. So be prepared to have a sticky, messy kitchen! But it is worth it.) We put the husked ears in plastic grocery bags and when we were almost finished, I brought the bags inside to start cooking them. I rinsed the ears off and then put them into boiling water for a few minutes.

After briefly cooking the corn, I cooled the corn in my sink, filled with cold water. Occasionally, I had to drain the water and fill it up again with cold water, since the corn made the water warm.


I am very picky about corn silk and spent a lot of time taking the silk off the corn – I just hate finding lots of stringy silk when I am eating corn.

When the corn was cool enough to handle, I used a sharp knife to cut the corn off the cob, and then I scraped anything that was left also off the cob. Approximately 6 ears of corn filled 1 quart size bag.

After the corn was bagged, I put the bags in the freezer.

I have not decided if I want to freeze any more corn this year. My mom got this corn at her nearby fruit stand for just $2/dozen. I don’t know what kind of corn it is, but it was very tasty. Unfortunately the owners are selling their farm and small store, so next year we will have to find a new place to buy corn.


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