Canning Peaches and Peach Leather

August 23, 2008 at 11:52 am Leave a comment

Last year was the first year I canned peaches. They turned out well and I a plan to can peaches on a yearly basis. And if I can find a good deal on pears, I’d like to try canning them this year as well.

A few days ago when I was at a bent and dent grocery store, someone was just bringing out a skid of peaches – $8.50 for a box, which is approximately a 1/2 bushel. I bought one box and canned 7 quarts of peaches the following day. (I could have canned more peaches, but because it was late in the day, I just did one batch.) Since there were peaches leftover and I decided to make Fruit Leather.

Fruit leather is like fruit roll-ups. Fruit leather is just fruit, sugar (optional), and lemon juice. I used about 1T of honey instead of sugar. The fruit mixture is cooked, pureed, then dried. One of the suggestions for drying was to put the pan in your grill, close the grill, and set the grill in the sun. That did not work for me. I know I didn’t have it out long enough, but I thought it would be at least partially set.

Last night I set my undried fruit leather in the fridge and put it in the oven this morning. Hopefully the oven method will work. My toaster oven does have a dehydrator option, but my pan was too large for the toaster oven. If my Peach Leather works and tastes good, I will definitely try other fruits.

What do you make with fresh peaches? Or what is your favorite peach recipe?


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Sales Online – Old Navy, Kohls, and more Fruit Leather Update and Sundays

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