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Exercise is something everyone needs to be doing. I believe that you will be healthier if you exercise and eat properly – and probably most people will agree with me. But how many people actually exercise on a regular basis? Life always seems too busy, and working out usually one of the last things on our lists. (And just because you are thin does not mean you don’t need to exercise. No matter what your weight is, it’s an important thing to do in order to be healthy.)

I started using our manual treadmill on a regular basis at the beginning of this year. I started out slowly, only walking about a quarter of a mile. Each day I tried to walk a little farther. Sometimes I would read, but it was easier (and the time went faster) when I watched a TV show on our computer. Our treadmill is next to our computer, so I just had to turn the computer screen toward my treadmill and I was entertained. 🙂

Hulu.com is a website that has free TV shows you can watch. Most networks also allow you to watch their TV shows on their websites, but Hulu.com has then all in one place, which is very convenient.

Unfortunately in March, I started getting super tired. I still don’t know why, but I ended my exercise routine, because I was so exhausted. My guess is that it was a combination of parenting a 3 year old, as well as getting older. And there are nights when I get up multiple times, although now that is mostly because of our puppy, not our son…Anyway – since we got our puppy, we need to take him for walks. So we have been trying to take him for at least 2 walks each day. This is an easy way to get exercise and take care of the puppy.

If you are struggling with exercising, Sisterly Savings has a post about Frugal Exercite Sites – check it out, maybe you will be inspired! At least check out this post – there is a comic there that is quite funny.


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