Canning Tomato Soup

September 12, 2008 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

*** update – August 30, 2011 – I finally discovered a link to a tested canned tomato soup recipe.

** update – August 9, 2011 – This recipe is not a “tested” recipe, so I no longer recommend it. It did work for me, but after making the recipe, I learned about the importance of using only “tested” canning recipes from reliable sources.
Here are some tested recipe links, as well as safe canning instructions:
National Center for Home Food Preservation
Ball Canning
University of Minnesota – Safe Home Canning

I decided to try canning tomato soup. This is something else I do not eat, but my husband and son enjoy it. Buying canned tomato soup at the store is hard because there is so much sodium in it.

At first I thought I might just freeze some tomatoes and then make soup as needed. But my freezer is overflowing, so why not just make the soup now, can it, and then my husband can eat it when he pleases.

The recipe is one I found online last night: Mom’s Best Tomato Soup Canning Recipe. It has 31 reviews and is rated almost 5 stars. The prep time said 1 hour, but it took me several hours. I guess it didn’t help that I cut my finger at the beginning when I was cutting onions – it was not a bad cut, but it took me some time to clean it up and put a band-aid on. Plus my son and dog interrupted numerous times…I still hadn’t planned on spending all afternoon on this project. Then it took me all evening to clean up the kitchen.

Perhaps the next time I can, I’ll ask my husband to help with the canning or take care of our son and dog. A friend of mine said she cans when her kids are in bed and her husband helps her. That sounds good, but usually I am exhausted by the time my son is in bed, and my husband is usually more tired than I am, not I am not sure that would work well for us. Hopefully I can find something that will work better for me in the future.


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