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October 2, 2008 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

For the past several weeks, time seems to be running away from me. I feel like I cannot get anything done anymore. Hopefully this is just a season, preferably a short one. It probably has something to do with having a puppy and a 4 year old son…

I used to make lots of lists, but somehow that fell by the wayside. I never stopped making my grocery list and weekly menu plan, but now I am trying to make an effort by putting together a daily to do list. Some days, it’s very depressing, seeing all of the items on my list an only getting one or two things accomplished. However, I need to get past the fact that everyday, I most likely will not be able to do everything on my list, and that I need to try my best, and plan to do the rest of the tasks the following day.

I have been trying to make my list either the day before or the morning of. Whatever does not get done that day, gets put onto the next day’s to do list. I use scrap paper and leave it on my kitchen island so I can see it throughout the day as a reminder of what I need to be doing.

One thing I plan to change about my list is to add a second column of things I want to accomplish, but don’t really have to. So I will then have a main column and a secondary/extra column.

A bit of encouragement to those of you who want to accomplish all kinds of things, but feel like you are a failure because you don’t get everything done – it’s okay! We had guest speakers at a recent small group. The couple attends our church and are around retirement age and they spoke about their marriage and raising children. One of the ways they encouraged us is that we do not have to do everything. Everyone is different, some people can “do everything” and still raise a family. And some of us are just happy to have a meal on the table each evening. Don’t compare what you can do with what others can do. Make goals, but do not be too hard on yourself for not attaining them. Ask for help. Perhaps you can get together with a friend to can or cook while your kids play together? What a great way to get something done while enjoying time with a friend.


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