Pear Trouble

October 11, 2008 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

When I was at the grocery store, I noticed half bushels of pears for $2.95 each! That’s an incredible price. They had been $6.95 the other weeks, and I thought that was a good deal. The pears looked pretty good, some were a little too ripe, but I decided it was definitely worth it to buy all of the pears. Even if I threw out over half of them, they would still be a good deal. The other pears in the produce department were $1.49/lb, and I knew there were more than 2 lb of good pears in the basket.

At home, I threw out the bad pears and put the rest into the refrigerator so they would keep longer. I ended up canning the pears yesterday and made 5 quarts of pears. There were about 7 pears leftover for us to eat.

Unfortunately, the last time I canned, my stovetop began to melt. I have a ceramic stovetop and wasn’t sure if it was okay to can – now I know it is not okay. I looked online for suggestions of what to do, since I didn’t want to continue to melt my stovetop or anything worse. gave several suggestions, one of which was to use a portable hot plate, as long as it had 1300 watts.

I went to my local hardware/family store (Good’s), but they only had two options, and the single burner didn’t have the wattage listed and the double burner totaled 1000 – 500 watts on each burner. Wal-Mart was my next stop. There I found a double burner, one burner with 1000 watts and the other burner with 500 watts. Combined, it’s more than 1300, so I thought that would be okay.

But it was not okay. I tried for over 30 minutes to boil the water and it wasn’t even hot. I was about to take my 5 quarts of pears waiting to be processed to my in-law’s home, (which is 2 minutes away), when my husband suggested I try the side burner on our outdoor propane grill. It worked wonderfully. The water boiled quickly and it kept the heat out of our house, on our deck. So this is what I am going to from now on, when I can. I just hope I never run out of propane! (We do not have a gauge on our tank.)


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