Shred Your Own Cheese

October 17, 2008 at 11:20 pm Leave a comment

Cheese seems to be one of the many items that is increasing in price. My husband and son both love cheese, so I try to stock up when I see find a good deal on chunk cheeses. Shredded cheeses are normally more expensive than chunk cheese. And I’ve also heard there is plastic to keep shredded cheese from sticking together. I did a little bit of research on that, but did not find much in the topic. If you have information about this, please share it with me.

Partly because of this possibility, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be buying shredded cheese. A few weeks ago, I shredded my own cheese and put it in quart size bags in my freezer. You could use a hand held grater, but I used my food processor – it’s much faster when you have a large quantity of cheese.

If you are in need of shredded cheese, compare the price with chunk cheese. It may be worth your time to shred it yourself. It does not take much time to shred. I do recommend that if you shred cheese, you will probably want to do a lot of it at a time. I don’t enjoy cleaning my food processor, so I want to put it to use as much as possible when I get it out.


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