Preparing for Black Friday

November 22, 2008 at 8:35 pm Leave a comment

Some people simply love shopping on Black Fridays, and of course, others avoid it at all costs. Personally, I enjoy a little bit of shopping, and I have even been to stores that were not super crazy on Black Friday.

If you are planning on going shopping on Black Friday, I have a few suggestions to make your trip more organized and hopefully less stressed.

1. have a plan – if you are going to various stores or malls, decide what order you want to go to them. If there are certain early bird sales, make sure you plan to go to those stores first. Know what gifts you are looking for, and how much you are going to spend. If you end up buying several extra items, that even though they are a great deal, were not on your list, you may be not saving yourself any money.

2. take a drink and snacks – most shoppers do not want to spend extra time standing in line for food or drink while they are Christmas shopping. Take your own drink and snack, if you think you will get hungry. This will save you both time and money.

3. wear layers of clothing – depending on what climate you live in, this may or may not apply. If your area is cold, you will probably need a jacket, but most stores will probably be warm, if not hot, because of all of the customers shopping.

4. expect the unexpected and avoid stress – with so many people shopping on Black Friday, there will be fewer parking spaces, long lines, grouchy employees and customers, and stores may run out of certain items. Start out with a good attitude and try very hard to keep it up while you are shopping. Perhaps you will be able to brighten the days of other customers and employees.

5. check the store’s website – perhaps websites will have the same items for the same price. It may be worth your while (and sanity) to shop online, instead of in the busy stores.

6. start checking out the ads now – there are quite a few websites that are already posting Black Friday ads. You can start planning where you want to shop now, which will give you more time on Thanksgiving day to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Here are some websites with ads for Black Friday. (I assume most will have the same information, but each site is organized and set up differently and some have commentaries about the sales.)

Do you shop on Black Friday? What is the best deal you have ever gotten on Black Friday? What are you planning to buy on Black Friday this year?


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