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Tuesday’s Tip Jar – Easy Homemade Yogurt


Last year, I found a crockpot yogurt recipe and I tried it for the first time this past weekend. It was so easy and it worked! Before I saw this recipe, I had read about people making homemade yogurt, many of which had yogurt makers. And even though they are not expensive, I didn’t really want another kitchen item, especially one that cannot be used for various tasks.

Whole milk is suggested for this yogurt recipe, but I used 1.5%, since that is what we’ve been drinking. In the comment section, it was suggested that you may want to add powdered milk or unflavored gelatin to help thicken the yogurt. I added unflavored gelatin, and it was thick when the yogurt finished, but after I stirred in vanilla and a little bit of sugar, it had a thinner consistency. So perhaps I will add more gelatin next time.

My husband and son enjoyed the yogurt and did not add anything. It was not sweet enough for me, so I added some strawberry jam to mine. I would like to puree some fruit, freeze it in ice cube trays, and then thaw one for each serving of yogurt. This way, I will not have any sugar added to my yogurt.

I am very pleased this worked so well and am planning to make our own yogurt from now on. It’s also much cheaper than store bought yogurt, so saving money is another benefit to making my own yogurt!


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