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Tuesday’s Tip Jar – Read Your Local Paper/Pennysaver


Each week, we receive a free local newspaper though the mail each Tuesday. And normally, on Wednesday or Thursday, we have another free local paper delivered to our driveway. For years, I rarely read either of them and just tossed them into the recycling bin. Recently, I have been looking through them and have found them to be very useful.

There are ads for local businesses. Before I go shopping, I like to check ads, to see if it is worth my time to go to certain stores. Many local stores do not have websites, so this is the only way I can view the ad.

There are always announcements for local events – by reading this paper, I am more aware of what is going on in my community, and can also take advantage of free events or other events my family can enjoy.

The back of the paper has the classified section. I always check the produce/edibles area to see if there are any great deals on produce or meat. I haven’t found any yet, but I think that will change as spring and summer draw closer. Yard/garage sales are also listed in this section of the paper. When I see something that I think would be nice to go to, I cut it out and put it on the fridge, then I can throw away the rest of the paper, instead of having the whole paper cluttering up my kitchen.

If you have a free local newspaper, take a few minutes to look through it. You may find some fun things to do, as well as great deals!


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Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: meatloaf and steamed broccoli

Wednesday: chicken corn soup (didn’t get to this last week; I’ll be using the leftover chicken from my roast last week)

Thursday: spinach burritos (Taste of Home Guilt Free Cooking, page 192), salad (I will using this whole wheat tortilla recipe instead of buying tortillas for the burrito recipe)

Friday: going out to eat with friends – yay!!

Saturday: pita bread pizza, salad or steamed veggies

Sunday: leftovers

Monday: new potatoes and peas and ham (More-With-Less, page 140)

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Deals This Week: 3/8-3/14

If you need to do some shopping this week, you may want to check out some of these highlighted specials:

Giant at Moms Need to Know

CVS at Mummy Deals

Rite-Aid at Sisterly Savings

Walgreens at Little People Wealth

Wal-Mart at Deal Seeking Mom

Target at Attention Target Shoppers Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Check out more ad highlights, including coupon match ups at BeCentsable’s Grocery Gathering.

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Sorry for not posting

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I was sick again over the weekend, and then had a very busy day yesterday. Today will also be a busy day, but I am hoping to post Deals This Week, Menu Plan Monday, and Tuesday’s Tip Jar sometime today.
Thanks for understanding. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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