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Offworld by Robin Parrish – Book Review

Offworld, written by Robin Parrish, is an intriguing story released this summer. This is Parrish’s fourth book, but first stand alone novel, and yes, it can stand alone. Although I would be interested in knowing what happens to the main characters after this book ends…

I chose to begin reading this novel blindly, not reading any reviews or even the back cover. I wanted to be surprised as I read the story, trying to figure out what I thought would happen, instead of waiting for what I knew would occur, had I read more about the plot. For this reason, I will not go into much detail about the storyline, in case you choose to do the same.

Four astronauts are on their way back to earth after a significant mission on Mars. The story is about their trip back, as well as the arrival back on earth, a land greatly altered since they had left years before.

The characters are interesting and relatable, and the reader gets to know all of the main characters fairly well, which I found helpful and unique. Many books typically concentrate on a main character and do not allow you to get to know the other characters as well.

This book is one of my favorites for this year. It was well written, easy to visualize, exciting, and a fast read. Whether you are looking for a book to read or not, pick up a copy of Offworld, published by Bethany House Publishers, you will be happy you did.


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