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New Yogurt Recipe

For possibly the last year (or however long it has been), I have been regularly making yogurt every week or as we need it. Unfortunately, several times recently, it was very runny. It tasted fine, but we preferred the yogurt be thick. So I actually bought yogurt a few times, since I was pretty sure the yogurt wasn’t thickening properly because our house was too cold. HeavenlyHomemakers has a yogurt recipe that I tried last week and it was so easy and worked perfectly. If you have never tried making yogurt give this recipe a try.


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Menu Plan Monday

I realize it’s not Monday, but I forgot to post my meal plan yesterday.

Monday: leftovers (we had plenty from last week)

Tuesday: ham with scalloped potatoes and steamed veggies

Wednesday: veggie frittata

Thursday: beef broccoli over rice

Friday: cheesy quesadillas and steamed veggies

Saturday: loaded baked potatoes and steamed veggies or salad

Sunday: leftovers

Instead of planning weekly menus, my new goal is to plan monthly menus. I have an “free” extra calendar that I am using to write out my meals and where to find each recipe. I didn’t think of it when I planned my meals for this month, but I want to also make weekly grocery lists as I make my menu plan, so I don’t have to go back over my menu to see what I need each week. And whenever it’s feasible, I will double the recipe and freeze the extra. We are hoping to travel to pick up our new son soon and I would love to have several meals in the freezer when we return, since I may not really feel like cooking right away.

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