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Just In Case You Ever Wonder – Book Review

Just In Case You Ever Wonder is a children’s book written by Max Lucado, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. I received this book to review for free from the publisher. This story is told from the parent’s perspective to the child. My children are ages five and seven and although they would listen to this story, it is definitely geared toward a younger audience, my suggestion is age five and under. The parent of this story tells his/her child how important the child is and what a joy it is to raise him/her and see the child grow.

This is a heartfelt and tender story, expressing a parent’s love well for a child, from the time they were born to years later, seeing them grow up. The illustrations are nice and the parent does mention how God also loves and wants to protect the child. I recommend this book to any parent who wants to use a book to help show their child how much they are loved. As an adoptive parent, I was a little disappointed that the story starts from birth, as the parent recalls the first night with the child; my youngest child is adopted and my first night with that child was when he was several years old, so we cannot relate to the very beginning, like this story illustrates. Otherwise, this is a warming book that will help child and parent connect in a loving way.

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